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Reed Irvine is an American Hero in every sense of the word. No opponent was too large or too powerful. No tyrants could cow him. The causes of freedom and truth benefitted from Reed's insights and efforts. The future will benefit from the many people that learned from him. Long live retromingent vigilanteism!

Chris Hekimian


From the days of Nazi and Soviet System, the Big Media Bias was noted unshakable to the lay readers. This is no longer mystic. May the name of Reed Irvine be inherited by the good-willed media workers over the world.

Lee Nam Pyo


Reed should be honored by all freedom loving people for having kept freedom of speech alive in the USA at a time when socialist/liberals had a near monopoly on news presentations in the mass media. With the coming of the internet, many others have jumped in but without Reed's we would have been much worse off. Thank you and God Bless.

James F. Davis
North Carolina


Introduced to Reed and AIM many years ago. He will truly be missed.

Bob Johnson


Reed Irvine proved what we all hope is possible -- but few believe.

Reed Irvine beat City Hall!

Again -- and again.

Most had despaired of taking on the big news organizations.

Not Reed Irvine.

He just kept attacking.

"Quit" was not in his vocabulary.

When he began his campaign, journalists were rated near the top in public opinion polls -- right up there with the Pope and Billy Graham.

The news media was believed by most Americans.

Reed Irvine contributed mightily to changing the image -- and inspired others to take on the giant.

When his long crusade ended, news media was ranked near the bottom by the public.

He forced better coverage of many stories.

The future of journalism -- and the United States -- is brighter.

Reed Irvine's bull dog tenacity changed history.

He loved our country -- and served it well.

Thanks, Reed.

We'll miss you a lot.

Charles and Alice Wiley
New Jersey / California


I am truly sorry that I did not read more of Reed Irvine's work since I first became aware of him in the Washington Inquirer in the 70's.

He was a good man, strong in his beliefs and sure as the heart that drove him.

He was a source of insight to those of us who did read his work. He will truly be missed. God bless him.

Robert C. McLaughlin
New Mexico


AIM is the pioneer in the effort to require that the media accurately represent the news of the day. This will surely affect the historical reocord which is an accomplishment of "historical" proportions. Thank you, Reed Irvine.

Bob Reneau


I met Mr. Irvine at Accuracy in Media (AIM) Christmas gathering at their offices in NW Washington, DC in 2000. Even though he was at a large gathering of people, many of whom he had known for years, he took the time to meet and talk with everyone that was there to support the work of AIM. He struck me as a frail, grandfatherly gentleman, very polite and genuinely interested in what others had to say. Though AIM is not as well known as some other media watchdog organizations, they have played a vital role in bringing media bias and distortions to the forefront. I don't know if things will ever really change, but we all owe Mr. Irvine a debt of gratitude for at least trying. We will all miss his wisdom and courage.

Charles Kuhn


Reed, your tireless pioneering work exposing the leftwing bias in the mainstream media has led to widespread recognition of the problem. Talk radio, the internet, and numerous prominent authors have picked up on the issue and carried it to a national audience.

In the current political climate there is no more important service that could have been provided to a free society. You will be sorely missed.

James Deaver
New Jersey


Reed was a rennaissance man and a class act. Brains, committment and brass he not only understood but lived the essence of 'Duty, Honor, Country'.

Reed personified what has become a personal credo: 'It is not a question of WHO is right or wrong but WHAT is right or wrong that is important."

He will be dearly missed and routinely remembered.

God Bless.

Geoff Metcalf
California / Washington, DC


Reed set the tone for what we have in today's alternative media. I was shocked to hear he had passed away and remember what a fighter he was, how he had bounced back from a heart attack a couple of years back. They said then he was joking with the medical personnel who treated him, always upbeat and cool under pressure. I enjoy reading the work of those who tell me a lot of things I didn't know anything about. He did that every time. You knew each time you picked up the AIM report you were reading the best. Rest in peace, Reed. My condolences to the family.

Marshall Miller


I first heard Reed Irvine in 1992, while a student at Bob Jones University, through the Media Monitor radio program he tag-teamed with Cliff Kincaid. Because I was naive about media bias, I was amazed that anyone would call out the various news outlets when they were just plain wrong. His presentations and Cliff's were clear and to the point. Thank you all.

I would like to thank Accuracy in Media for this service. I am glad that Reed Irvine was one of the pioneers of getting the record straight, and thank you to his son, and his organization for continuing to do so.

Earle Bluff


I give thanks for the life and work of Reed Irvine, friend of many decades, patriot, scholar and indefatigable fighter for just causes.

Reed's accomplishments are legion and legendary, and he was always at the side of his friends. As a beneficiary of his friendship and support, I can personally testify to his steadfastness and his rigid adherence to principle.

When Richard Nixon was right, Reed was there to support him; when he erred or staryed, Reed was not afraid to criticize. Ronald Reagan had great respect an admiration for Reed, who made significant contributions to his candidacy and presidency not in the ordrinary way, but by providing the intellectual candlepower to support Reagan's agenda.

Reed was a "one-off" example of a man totally committed to his beliefs. Because so many of us shared those beliefs, we will find it difficult to go on without him.

But we do pay sincere tribute to the memory of a man who truly made a difference. I, for one, am truly proud to have known him and to be among his friends and admirers.

He leaves us scarcely six months after the passing or President Reagan, making 2004 an indelible one for mainstream conservatives.

Rest in Peace, Reed, and know that your work goes on.

Richard V. Allen
Colorado / Washington, DC


Reed was certainly a hero to me, and a good friend. I got to know him when I was editing the newsletter for Ronald Reagan's CFTR in the late 1970s. Once I tried to put in the newsletter that Reed deserved the Pulitzer Prize, but that was vetoed. Actually, he should have got the Presidential Medal of Freedom!

Bill Stetson


Reed did the yeomans work and laid a strong foundation, his work will go on and we can all be grateful for that. His courage and tenacity for bringing us the truth is his legacy. Well done Reed we will all miss you so much.

Edythe Kuschel


Thank you Reed for great lunch speakers in DC. The AIM lunches were like coming up for fresh air in a sea of PC and left wing progressivism. You were a great example to the news media, it is too bad they did not listen. Pity them.

Lee Livingston


You were my example, Reed.



Nancy Morgan
South Carolina


A Scholar, a true gentleman, a real Patriot and a fine human being. A void not to be easily filled.

Roy S. Gillinson M.D.


Well done Reed! We'll miss you and your column.

Lew H.


I remember as a young adult discovering Reed Irvine by finding a copy of a little tract called the Washington Inquirer that was left behind on a bus in Metro DC. This was a year or two before the Washington Times was first published in 1982.

Oh, those were miserable days for a news junkie who had few news/commentary sources save the likes of the Washington Post and the major networks. To see such columns as those written by Phyllis Schlafly, Pat Buchanan, John Lofton, Allan Brownfeld and Reed Irvine himself was a welcome alternative to the constant drumbeat of negatively biased press that was so rampant in those days.

As a returnee to college trying to make a career change, I was privileged to have recently interned at AIM for over a year and even got a few pieces published -- which wasn't easy; their standards are high.

The days of journalists complacently spoon-feeding us what THEY think we should know are long gone. They know it and hate it.

Reed Irvine is one of the main reasons why.

William Alford


He will be missed.

New York


I'm new to the world of alternative news reporting and really didn't know who Reed Irvine was until recently. I am grateful, however, for the work he has done over the years to hold mainline media accountable for the stories they fabricate (er, report) or at least attempting to do so. It's up to us to keep that alive and never, ever let our guard down.

Sharon Trodler
New York


Mr. Irvine will be remembered for the major role he played in documenting media distortions. May he rest in peace after doing so much to help his country.

Mike Bates


Reed gave me so much pleasure at his luncheons and reading the AIM Report. He did a great service to the cause of truth. What a great American! Reed, in Heaven you will meet TRUTH Himself. Some day we will be with you in that big party for all eternity.

Tony Lutz


I had the honor of working for Reed while I was working with Accuracy in Academia and also working on the Speakers Bureau back in the late 80s.

I have always admired his tenacity and I believe that his pioneering efforts are partly responsible for today's blogosphere, Fox News, and talk radio.

When Reed did it, it was often lonely work. God Bless him.

Kip Krady


Reed's greatness was his humility and lack of pretention in a guy who was a great pioneer, inventing a new craft of media monitoring, which he pursued with a clearly visible honesty, decency and integrity, which in turn, ensured his findings could not be sloughed off by the Dan Rathers of this world.

Nicholas Patterson


A man's legacy is known by his good works that he has accomplished during his lifetime.

Thank God, for giving us Reed Irvine to take on the evil doers in our society, in order for the truth to be known.

Thomas Guzman


Reed was one of those single, countless, quiet heroes throughout our history who may have made a pivotal difference in the endurance of our Republic, and deserves a monument - but will not get one. He was the leader against the socialist/communist media when it was not cool!

Robert Kelso


A national treasure. May Mr Irvine's integrity shine as a beacon for generations.

Lisa Outrequin


We are seeing the fruits of his labor. Thank you.

Harry Gary


Mr. Irvine, I enjoyed your weekly program on NET, where I gained insight on what is happening in our country. Keep monitoring the "evil-doers" as you always have.

Richard Sharp


My father, Charles A. Bauer (who was born the same year as Reed Irvine) started subscribing to Reed's AIM Report in the late 70's. He is still a subscriber and contributor.

I have been reading my father's copy of the AIM Report for many years. I have always found it informative, interesting, and sometimes even humorous. I have admired Reed for his courage, and I have great respect for the work of AIM.

I'm sure AIM will build on Reed's legacy, and continue to provide us with much-needed truth that is all too often missing and/or distorted from the so-called "mainstream" media. Keep up the great work.

Chris Bauer


You will be missed, Thank You Sir.

Lance Nesta


It takes courage to stand up to the media empire, to speak truth to power.

While he was also successful in his battles, what I admire most about Reed Irvine was his courage and leadership in the face of adversity.

Dan Willard


I learned about media bias when I worked at Accuracy in Media. I was impressed by Reed Irvine's commitment to fighting against media bias. As recent events have shown, the media is still biased and Reed Irvine will be missed!

Keith Morrison
Washington, DC

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